There is no right or wrong way to format your email newsletter content.  However, keep in mind different styles will cause your viewers to take different actions.  Understanding how formatting may encourage or discourage readers to take action may impact your e-newsletter style choice. Taking the initial step toward learning about the different newsletter styles that exist will allow you to decide which style helps your business best achieve its email marketing goals.

Popular Types of Email Newsletters

1. Magazine Style

Magazine StyleA magazine style e-newsletter is synonymous with short copy. This is a good choice if your primary newsletter goal is to drive traffic to your website. For your viewers to read the entire article you are advertising, they must visit your website.



This newsletter style includes short excerpts for multiple articles, not just one, accompanied by many links transferring viewers to each highlighted full article on your website. Try not to overwhelm viewers with the number of featured articles, keep it to 10 or less, preferably around 5-7.


Because the style includes links to multiple articles many businesses use this format as a monthly re-cap of blog activities.  However it can be sent more frequently if you’re publishing often to keep viewers from being overwhelmed with too many featured articles in one email.  

2. Hybrid Style

Hybrid StyleMedium-length copy is usually used in the hybrid style of e-newsletters. This style works well if you are looking to be able to both inform your readers and promote a product, service or e-book.


Within this newsletter, readers will see one larger excerpt that links to a website for more information.


Hybrid style e-newsletters are usually sent out more often than magazine style newsletters because they don’t cover as many topics. Depending on your audience’s preferences, a higher frequency of exposure to newsletters may influence your audience to interact with your business more often.


3. Single Topic Style

Single Topic StyleThe single topic style of e-newsletters is exactly what it sounds like – the newsletter only shares information about a single topic or idea. All the information your readers could possibly need would be included in the email itself, so the copy will be long.


Links are usually unnecessary in this style because the reader already has everything they need. This style isn’t a good choice when sending newsletters for marketing purposes because the reader has no reason to visit your online home base (your website) and learn more about your brand.


Single topic e-newsletters will most likely be sent out to contacts more frequently than either magazine or hybrid style newsletters. Overall, the more narrow the topics you cover in the newsletter, the longer the copy will need to be.

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