We know people are online. The question is how do we connect with them as a business? Before you begin to create your online marketing messages, you need to have a good idea of who you are talking to and where they will be able to consume your online content. Every business is unique because their audience members are active in different parts on the online world. By building a multifaceted online marketing bridge between your audience and your closed business, you increase your ability to connect with more individuals in your target audience.

Building Your Online Marketing Bridge

Bridge the Gap Take a look at the graphic above. On one side you have your audience and on the other side, your closed business. In between the two sides is the water represents area of opportunity where you can strategically position your online marketing content to bridge the gap. Without a bridge to your business, your audience members don’t have the necessary path they need to connect with you.

Begin to Close the Gap

To begin to close this gap, you need to know where your audience is online. You may be considering starting your online marketing with an email campaign. However, if email marketing is the only communication technique you are using to connect with your audience online, you may miss those that don’t subscribe to your list. As the graphic below demonstrates, if email marketing is the only stepping stone you provide to get your audience across the bridge to your business, your message may get lost in the water.

Bridge the Gap

Recycle Content to Avoid a Message Lost in the Water

Each person you communicate with has a preferred method of contact.  Some people text while other prefer a call over email.  To avoid the above scenario, communicate the same message in a variety of ways.  Not writing new content for each medium but recycling the content from your message for your particular buyer persona and then spreading that message across different online mediums, like Facebook, Pinterest, a blog and your website. The mediums you choose will change depending upon your target market however telling people about your business through a variety of outlets allows you to connect with people the way they prefer and not miss an opportunity to gain new business. Usually this method involves choosing a centralized online marketing hub, usually a website, to drive visitors to utilizing the different online touch points.

Bridge the Gap

Cast a Net

Another way to think about this concept of marketing to your online audience is by distributing your content using multiple mediums you’re creating a net that will pull traffic back into your central marketing hub or website. The website would then encourage visitors to contact, subscribe to your email list or download content in an effort to turn the visitors into closed business.

Cast a Net


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