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It’s nice to like things.

Hello Facebook business page owner/moderators, and welcome back to MayeCreate’s helpful how-to series: Facebook Fundamentals. Unless you’ve somehow stumbled on this page by accident (or possibly just really enjoy cat-with-tulips photos), this guide will quickly take you through all the steps of liking another business page as your own business page (and then offer a few insightful reasons on why doing so is a good idea).

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Still with me? Excellent, let’s get started.

Step 1: Go to the Page You Want to Like As Your Page

Facebook Fundamentals: How to Like Other Pages as your Page - Step 1

This one is pretty self explanatory. Start by navigating through your personal account to the Business page you want to like (Hint: there’s a search bar at the top).

Step 2: Click the “…” Button Below the Cover Photo

Facebook Fundamentals: How to Like Other Pages as your Page - Step 2

Ever notice those three dots under every cover photo of the business pages you visit? It’s not ellipsis — click on them to bring up a list of options like: saving, suggesting an edit or inviting a friend to view the page. You’ll want to read through these options until you find… (Now that’s an ellipsis…)

Step 3: Click “Like As Your Page”

Facebook Fundamentals: How to Like Other Pages as your Page - Step 3

Again, this is straightforward stuff, here. Select “Like As Your Page.”

Step 4: Select a Page & Submit

Facebook Fundamentals: How to Like Other Pages as your Page - Step 4

A drop down menu will pop up containing all the Facebook pages you own or moderate. Select the appropriate page, click the Submit button, and VOILA! You did it!

Facebook Fundamentals: How to Like Other Pages as your Page - You did it!

Step 5: Profit

Facebook Fundamentals: How to Like Other Pages as your Page

You now know how to like other Facebook pages as your business page! But you may be wondering why you should like other businesses (particularly within your own niche) or when it’s a good idea, or best practice, to do so.

Why like other Facebook business pages as your own page?

Sorry, but liking other businesses as your own business page will not instantly grant you more followers or a massive increase in organic reach. Facebook has even made it difficult to see the content from pages your business page follows by removing the “View Pages Feed” button from business pages home tab. So, why bother?

*Note* Looking for your businesses’ pages feed? Here is a work around I’ve been using to keep up with everyone we follow, type: https://www.facebook.com/yourpagename/pages_feed/  where yourpagename is the name of your business page.

Facebook Fundamentals: How to Like Other Pages as your Page
Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Business is all about relationships, and social networks are great for — you guessed it — social networking. Liking other business pages on social media is a great place to start when trying to forge new relationships, or to recognize the amazing work of existing collaborators.

Now what?

Like the pages of businesses you work with or admire, and consider writing positive Facebook recommendations for those that have really delivered for you in the past. Engage with their posts and leave purposeful comments (that their followers may see, btw) to display your expertise/awesomeness in your field.

Tagging pages and sharing content is an excellent way to cross-pollinate ideas with potential customers and decision makers at other companies, but don’t just like the pages of businesses in your industry. Like the pages of those you want to align your brand with, and be sure to like and follow nonprofit organizations or causes that your business believes in. Supporting these groups on social media (as well as in real life) displays your company’s values to your followers (and theirs), and to the employees in your own company.

Don’t think of it as Facebook, think of it as a free focus group.

Following pages similar to your own not only allows you to keep tabs on what the competition is doing, but it gives you the invaluable opportunity to learn from their followers. Think about it from an observational perspective: social media is also a great place for research and idea generation. You don’t necessarily need advanced analytics to learn about your target market or potential leads — simply observe their behavior in the way they interact online. Wondering how? Well, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed this, but people seem to love to broadcast their likes and pain points on social media. Oh, you have noticed? Take note of what these are, and then tailor your own social messages/branding to serve these people better. Learn from what other pages post, and from how others comment and interact with it.

Do it better.

The days of using Facebook as a megaphone to reach the masses seem to be over. Facebook’s decrease in organic reach for business pages has been well-documented, and the company will only continue to emphasize personal content in user news feeds and control the amount of branded content users see. But remember, with every change comes an opportunity. A changing algorithm simply requires us to change our efforts. “Set it and forget it” social media doesn’t work like it used to, but we can still reach our target audiences by actually being involved and reaching out to engage with our social media followers. Basically, by doing what you’ve probably already been doing, but better.

Keep the ball rollin’.

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