Facebook Fundamentals: How to Share Posts on Facebook

What’s the “free-ist” way to get the most new eyes on your Facebook business page’s social media posts? Shares! Our social media manager, Dana, probably has some great advice on this, but I have a quick, foolproof tip for you to do right now. SHARE IT YOURSELF.

Sharing your business posts to your personal page is something we recommend you do regularly. If you aren’t proud enough of your posts to share them, it’s time to start making better posts. If you won’t share them, who will?!

Sharing a post on your timeline sounds pretty straightforward, but there are a few steps we suggest you take to make sure you’re not:

  1. Poaching your own reach, and
  2. Looking like a social media newbie.

Really, if you don’t pay attention to any of the other steps, just make sure to abide by Step 2, and check to make sure you’re sharing the post on your personal page as yourself and not re-sharing it to your business page (since it’s already there and all…).

How to share your business posts on your personal Facebook page:

  1. Login to Facebook and locate the post you’d like to share.

  2. Select which account you’re using to share the post (business or personal).

    You can do this by checking the profile icon next to your Like, Comment and Share options:

    Facebook Fundamentals: How to Share Posts on Facebook

    If your business profile image is showing and you’d like to share the post to your personal account, hover over the little down arrow and click to go back and select it: 

    Facebook Fundamentals: How to Share Posts on FacebookFacebook Fundamentals: How to Share Posts on FacebookFacebook Fundamentals: How to Share Posts on Facebook

    If you’re sharing to your business account, follow the same steps to select your business page. But just to reiterate, if you’re sharing the post from your business page, you want to post it as you…to your timeline…so all your friends see your awesome business posts.

  1. Choose “Share” under the post you want to share.

  2. Double check to make sure the circle icon directly to the right of share button has your profile picture shown so you’re sharing to your personal Facebook page.


    Facebook Fundamentals: How to Share Posts on Facebook - Wink Face

  3. You can either:

    > Select “Share Now (Friends)” to share the post immediately. NOTE: The “(Friends)” notation indicates the privacy level of your post – in this case, only your Facebook friends will see this post. You can update this to “Public” on the next screen if you don’t want to limit who can see the post.
    > Select “Share…” to include text with your post and to update the Privacy settings for the post.
    > Select “Send as a Message” if you’d like to send the post as a private message to one or more of your friends.
    > Select “Share to a Page” if there’s a particular page you’d like to share the post to.
    > Select “Share on a friend’s timeline” if you want to share the post on a friend’s timeline.

    All options except “Share Now” allow you to write text to go with your shared post:

  4. Depending on which you choose, you’re either done at this step, or you’ll write a personal post to go with the shared post.

    We recommend writing a small comment on why you are sharing the content to encourage further engagement:

  5. Finally you’ll click Post at the bottom:

  6. You’re officially done!

By sharing your content you show your post to more people, guaranteeing better reach than it would have had on its own. You are also encouraging others to share it further, since they see you as deeming the post “share-worthy.” With just a little effort you’ve put your post in the best possible position to succeed. Now all you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch as your reach continues to go up!


Keep the ball rollin’.

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