The Facebook Business Page

Quite recently, business owners have been creating business Facebook pages left and right. Personally, I enjoy seeing updates and posts from my favorite business pages that I’ve “liked.” It’s a helpful venue to alert their fans of specials happening, a new blog post on their website or any other newsworthy information regarding their business. ( As of late, it acts as a weather report informing us if businesses are going to be closed due to 1,657,327 inches of snow and ice! )

We all know it can’t hurt to get your business’s name out there, in whatever fashion of social media, but what exactly MAKES a good business Facebook page?

Imagery: Profile and Cover Photos

We use our cover photo to show off our little publication we're so proud of.

We use our cover photo to show off our little publication we’re so proud of.

We’re visual creatures and I, myself, am a photographer. So, let’s start with imagery.

Imagery is the first stop to sharing your brand. Your profile photo should reflect WHO you and your company are. Using your logo, for example, will really stick with people. They’ll remember that M, curvy line or dots.

Allow your cover photo to be a bit more creative. Share something about your business that makes you excited or show your audience your faces. I always like seeing the faces of the companies I follow.

Don’t promote specials or ask for Facebook likes in your cover photo, Facebook frowns on those practices.

Here are a few good tutorials from Facebook to set up properly formatted profile and cover photos:

Profile Photo Measurement Template

Cover Photo Measurements

Timeline: Milestones

Milestones are a great tool to brag about your business’ accomplishments: your grand opening, adding new employees, winning awards, hosting or attending important functions, etc. Think of your business as your “baby” and aren’t you excited when your “baby” does cool stuff?  Milestones aren’t just for what’s happening right now, you can add them in the past as well.

Pin an Important Post

A pinned post will show a little orange tab.

A pinned post will show a little orange tab.

Facebook has this cool feature: you can “pin” a post, one at a time, and it will remain at the top of all your other posts. If, for example, your business just celebrated it’s 10th birthday, you can make a post about it (always include an image, m’kay!), pin it to the top of your timeline and everyone will see it! This is also excellent for any deals or specials your business may be having, the item won’t get lost in all of your other posts allowing people to more readily see the post. The pinned items remain at the top of your timeline for 7 days before going back to it’s original place in the timeline.

Highlight Special Posts

Highlighting a post draws the post across the full width of your timeline making it more visually available. While it may not stay at the top of your timeline like a pinned post it will stay highlighted even as it moves down the timeline. This could be a good option for time sensitive information or if you’ve just updated someone on your website and would like to draw attention to that particular page.

Grab Attention

Really, it’s all about directing attention to your business and website, right? Keep these excellent visual attention-grabbers in mind when sharing your “baby’s” information with your audience. And remember, the more you post, the more ground you’ll cover.

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