Five Easy Steps to Help Get Your Business on Facebook

Updated August 2018

You don’t need to be convinced that your business needs a Facebook Business Page — you’re already here. You know that Facebook is a great way to allow potential customers to find your business online and interact with your brand. With 1.47 billion daily users it’s still the world’s largest and most active social network and getting started is easy, so let’s get you quickly and properly setup — so your business can start reaping the rewards of your improved online presence.   

Step One: Get started.

To get started with creating your own page, simply log into your Facebook account, go to the bottom of the page, and click ‘Create a Page’.

Step Two: Pick your category.

You will then be prompted to choose between two Page categories:

Business or Brand, or

Community or Public Figure

For this example we will assume that your business falls under the ‘Business or Brand’ category and click on the ‘Get Started’ button:

Next you will be prompted to name your business page (enter the name of your business) and select the category that best describes what type of business you operate. Not sure which category fits best? Just type in a word or two and choose the category that best suits you from the list provided.

(Don’t worry you can change categories later if needed.) 

Step Three: Add Pictures.

Facebook will then ask you to upload a profile picture and cover image. You can upload one now or choose to select them later, but these are important choices as your profile picture (the little picture in top left of your Facebook Page) appears with your business name in search results (and every time you interact with your followers) and your cover image is the most prominent image on your actual page:

For your profile picture we recommend using your company logo, and keeping your profile picture consistent across all social media platforms so that your customers can easily and consistently identify your brand.

For a cover image chose something that conveys the essence of your brand and make sure that it fits properly: the cover image will display at 820 x 312 pixels on desktop or 640 x 360 pixels on mobile, so it must be at least 400 pixels wide and 150 tall. Don’t worry you can use trial and error here as you can change both of these pictures easily at any time.

Once you’ve uploaded your images (or pressed skip) Facebook will create your page and you will be greeted by something like this:

Step Four: Optimize.

Great job! Your page now exists and, as you can see, Facebook is super excited to have another business on board — mission accomplished — bravo!

Now let’s flush out your page a bit so that your potential online customers can find you and navigate your page easily. First select ‘Add a Short Description’ under the welcome message, then describe your business in 1-2 sentences to help people understand what you do and how you can help them:

Once you hit save Facebook will prompt you to fill in all of your general business details including your contact information, location and business hours:

Once you are done filling in all of your pertinent information click on ‘See All Page Tips’ near the bottom of the welcome message. This will open a ‘Page Tips’ box which will allow you to easily:

  1. Set up a call to action button.
  2. Invite friends to like your new page.
  3. Add and adjust page admin roles.

Scroll down to select the appropriate button, then follow the instructions for each option. Of these, the Call to Action button is probably the most important as it allows visitors to quickly get where they need to go when they visit your Business Page. Click on the ‘Create Button’ button to bring up a list of actions and select the one you would most often want them to take:

Inviting friends to like your page will bring up a list of your Facebook contacts allowing you to invite them individually (or en masse) to like your new page. Consider editing the canned invitation to show off your company’s authentic voice and spur more people to take action and accept your invitation:

Finally, selecting ‘Add Page Admin Roles’ will take you to the ‘Page Roles’ tab on your Settings. Here you can allow company team members permission to perform certain actions on your page by assigning them the appropriate Page Roles, such as editor, moderator, advertiser or analyst: 

Step Five: Start Posting.

That’s it! You’ve done the basics of setting up a Facebook Business Page. With all of your information correct and up-to-date, appropriate profile and cover image, and supporters beginning to find your page, you are now ready to start creating content to promote your business online! Bonus: You can now use your Business Page to like and follow us @MayeCreate Design.

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