It’s 2015, which means Facebook has been around for over 11 years now. But even though it’s not the newest social media platform out there, it’s still the most used network, with 1.44 billion monthly active users.
As Facebook continues to prove itself as a stable marketing tool for businesses, it’s crucial for marketers and business owners to understand the Facebook lingo. The more you understand about the platform, the better prepared you’ll be to take on a social media strategy to promote your business.

Learn the Facebook Lingo  

  • Personal Profile: a page meant to represent a single individual.
  • Page: a public profile specifically created for businesses, brands, celebrities, etc.
  • Friends: followers of a personal profile.
  • Fans: a group of users who have “liked” a particular page. After a fan has liked your page, anything you post on Facebook will be visible in their news feed.
  • Friends of Fans: those who are exposed to a brand through a friend who is a fan of that brand.
  • Unfriend: to remove a user from your list of friends.
  • Timeline: the area of a profile or page where friends and fans can post their thoughts, views, or criticisms for everyone to see.
  • News Feed: a constantly updated list of friends’ activity integrated with Timelines.
  • Liking: a way to show positive feedback without commenting directly.
  • Comment: a response to another user’s post.
  • Reply: a response to a comment, allowing for comment threads and conversations.Comment and Reply on Facebook
  • Group: a page created for an organization or business to promote activities.
  • Story: a term used to reference the ways people can interact with your page.
  • Profile Picture: an image that is meant to represent your business, like a logo. This is the smaller photo on your page that is also located next to each post, comment or reply you make.
  • Cover Photo: the larger image located at the top of your page displaying at 851×315 pixels.
  • Boost Post: a paid advertising tool that allows users to bump posts higher in News Feeds than they normally would appear to better reach audience members.
    Boost Post

    Ever notice the “Boost Post” button on your status updates? Try it out to reach more Facebook users.

  • Status: updates which appear on the user’s wall as well as on friends’ news feeds.
  • Milestone: important dates in company history.
  • Object: a link, photo or status update.
  • Share: a feature that allows you to repost content you enjoy on your timeline, on a friend’s timeline, or in a personal message.
  • Insights: statistics that are tracked for you by Facebook, such as likes, reach and engagement.
    Facebook Insights

    Here’s an example of the Insights derived for our own Facebook company page.

  • Reach: the number of people who saw your post. Reach is divided into two categories: organic reach and paid reach.
  • Organic Reach: the number of unique people who found and saw your post on their own.
  • Paid Reach: refers to the number of people who saw your post as a result of a paid advertisement.
    Reach on Facebook

    In addition to viewing the reach of your posts in the Insights section of your Facebook page, you can also see how many people your message reached by looking at the bottom of each individual post on your timeline.

  • Engagement: a statistic based on the number of likes, comments and shares you receive for a specific post.
  • Apps: applications within Facebook, such as photos, questions, videos, games, etc., that are meant to enhance the user experience on the site.


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