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Creating Strong Community Opportunities

Next Generation Ministries is on a mission: to create opportunities of faith for children, youth and young adults across Missouri. Throughout their 60-year history, they’ve strived to create community leaders, inspire mountaintop faith moments that last, and teach young people to know they’re not alone. It was inspiring to work with such a community-involved group with such a humble mission at heart.

Fabulously Fun Functionality

There are some websites you just can’t say enough about. The new Next Generation Ministries site is one of them. The way the website is programmed is INSANE and can handle quite a bit: two of the camp information pages feature regional maps with camp locations pinned throughout, and the site header sports an easy-to-see “Find a Camp” button that takes visitors to a page where they can search for any available camps by month, age, location and camp type. WHOA.

The bright and vivid design is a whole other story. This website is just FUN. With rich colors and imagery, easy-to-read page sections, playful font and intelligent functionality, this website has it all: it looks great, works great, programs great.

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