Word cloud social media related in shape of thumbOne question companies ask is how often should they post on social media? Well that seems like a simple question but it’s a little more complicated to answer.
The short answer is: you need to post enough to be seen in a news feed and be quality enough to engage.

However, do not post nonsense just to post because crap will turn people away. Also, when posting, take into account when your target audience will be online browsing through social media.

What does research say?

  • Facebook – 1-2 times per day
  • Twitter – 5 times per day or more
  • LinkedIn – 1 time per day, Monday through Friday

These statistics are according to Buffer. They are a great beginning tool for your business to lay out it’s social media foundation. I agree somewhat with these statistics but I also believe the number of times you should post per day depends on your company and audience. Every business is different, which means their social media audience is different too. Therefore, what may work for Company A may not always work for Company B.

In a previous blog post, How often do I need to post to Facebook?, we found that in a study by LikeAlyzer, the posting habits of 25,000 different Facebook pages were analyzed. Results showed pages that post 1.5-2 posts per day engage twice as many users as those who post only once or twice per week.

Your audience lets you know if you are posting enough, at the appropriate time of day or offering quality content through their engagement. Engagement is measured by the audience’s interaction with the content through likes, comments and shares. Buddy Media Inc. researchers found businesses that post on Facebook outside of normal business hours actually had 20% higher engagement rates, a statistically significant difference. Engagement rates were 18% higher on Thursdays and Fridays in comparison to the other days of the week.

For a more indepth discussion to maximize social media engagement check out our previous blog post, Mastering Social Media: Best Times & Days to Post on Facebook.

The Next Step

Once you have built up an online presence, stray away from the basic formula and develop one of your own. This will make you more unique and allow you to stand out on news feeds. Vary the types of posts and when you post them, taking into account both the time of day and day of week. Then measure the response and track to reach your audience with days and times that work for them.

Tips for Posting

Repost previous things in a different way.

Use a different image from a previous post and say something different about the same blog or same event coming up. Also, post it at a different time of day on a different day of the week in an effort to catch more of your audience. You can streamline the process by scheduling future posts, such as upcoming specials and events.

Promote posts if you do not have time to create new content.

When you promote a post it is basically running your post as an advertisement. You are paying to guarantee that it will be seen on people’s news feeds. So, when you don’t have time to post very often you can ensure people will see the
posts you do make.Composite image of businessman writing

Promote posts with good engagement rates.

When a post shows good engagement rates it is an indication of quality content. By boosting the post you can share your proven quality content to a wider audience than just your page followers.

Incorporate an image with almost every post.

Images catch people’s attention more than anything else. If you can attach a different image with every post, then your views and engagement will only increase. Plus, Facebook’s ranking algorithm, Edgerank, favors videos and photos above links and simple post status updates.

Keep it short and simple.

Your viewers are not coming to social media to read newspaper type of content. They are looking for quick results to satisfy them. When you compose your posts, make sure they are small snippets of information with a link to more.  

Link external websites or information.

Like I mentioned above, add links to your posts. People will click on a link taking them out of social media if they are interested in the content. That is why devising the right post along with the link is so vital.  

Remember to use the rule of thirds.

According to HubSpot, the rule of thirds is a formula for determining what your tweets, posts and status updates should consist of. 1/3 of posts should be about your brand, 1/3 of posts should be about your industry, with content from outside sources and 1/3 of your posts should be personal interactions.

Check out a previous blog post about creating a healthy social media mix as a valuable, cost effective marketing tool for your business or company.

Taking It All In

Every social media site is different. It takes time to learn the tricks of each one. You will not build an army of friends and followers over night. No one ever has! It’s a marathon not a sprint. Keep training and try not to worry so much about it! You are not alone in the marketing world of social media. Master the one or two social media sites where your target audience resides. Then, you are not only marketing towards the right group of people but you are effectively using your time and efforts. You do not have to be a jack of all trades! 

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