Are you considering giving your website a new look, but not sure how to tell if you need it or not? Check out these 6 signs to see if your website is ready for a facelift.

  1. Your website is celebrating its 3rd birthday.

    Although three years does not seem like a long time for a website to be up and running, technology and design have made leaps and bounds since. Give your website the best gift of all and update it with the newest design and technology features.

  2. Your website is still wearing 80s white wash blue jeans.

    White wash jeans have had their day and now so has Flash. When Flash became the major ‘it’ of website technology it was a great way to impress your visitors. Nowadays visitors are less patient, not want wait sitting through the loading process or possibly a nonworking intro. Search engines also have a difficult time finding your website when it uses large amounts of flash because the text is available for them to crawl through.

  3. Your website does not function the same on new or alternative browsers.

    Older websites have a difficult time keeping up with the ever evolving web due to new functionality and web standards. Chrome and Mozilla FireFox are becoming very popular browsers users due to their easy to use interface and extendability. While Netscape is nearly extinct along with it’s friend the dreaded Internet Explorer 6.

  4. Hey visitor 98,543 make sure you sign our guest book!

    Having a counter at the bottom of your website or a guest book used to be an awesome feature showing people how popular your website was. These trends have gone by the way side, visitors want the information they need and that’s it. Thankfully Google Analytics does a great job of discretely tracking, and email marketing sign up forms paired with Facebook badges can distribute your information boast popularity.

  5. Your fruit bowl has plastic fruit but no actual fruit.

    Plastic fruit looks great in the bowl, but when someone tries to eat it they are in for a shock. This goes the same with having text not actually on the page. Text in images makes it difficult for visitors to view and copy, some may not see it at all if images are disabled.  Search engines can only read the typed words on your pages and the alt tags on your images. Placing actual text on your website pages instead of images holding text allows everyone to view the text and for the search engine to crawl your site.

  6. Your business image has changed but your website has not.

    If some of your business practices have changed and your website does not reflect those changes, potential clients could be passing right by your website. You want to make sure that the looks are cohesive so you are recognized and succeed!

Time to schedule that facelift yet?

If you found yourself checking your business’s website while reading and noticed that it has some of these signs , give us a call to help you out. Here at MayeCreate, we want to help your business succeed and what better way than with an updated website! Check out our web design portfolio to help persuade you even more!

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