A parallax scrolling website is a fancy name for a one page website. Instead of designing your website on multiple pages, all of the content exists on a long, single page for visitors to scroll through. I’m sure you’ve seen them out there, so I wanted to share some of the pros and cons of having this type of unique website.


You Control the Flow of Information

One page websites require visitors to browse through information in a linear fashion as opposed to clicking and exploring around page to page. Being able to direct visitors through the information on your site in a predetermined order is one of the perks of maintaining a one page website. Parallax is perfect for websites that want to provide specific information before the visitor moves on to something else.

Visitors Take a Journey

One page sites are often designed to be aesthetically complex and engage visitors in a unique way. The visit becomes more of a journey instead of a passive experience; instead of simply looking at the content on each page, visitors have to scroll to move through the website. Designers of these sites often get creative and bring movement to the site by triggering images or text to slide in and out once the visitor scrolls to a certain point.

Every Last Drop Parallax Scrolling Site

Check out Every Last Drop to get a feel for how parallax scrolling sites take visitors on a journey.

A Little Bit of Text Goes a Long Way

A one page website layout is great for sites that only need to share a little bit of information on each topic. A seven page website with only one paragraph of text on each page may look scant and underdone, but a site set up with seven paragraphs on one page gives a beefier impression. Horizontal background changes can clearly divide the information, allowing visitors to make a conscious transition from one topic to another while scrolling through the site.

Great for Mobile Use

With a growing number of people accessing the Internet from their mobile phones, web designers think with the visitor in mind. One page sites offer an easy and enjoyable experience for users; all they have to do is simply scroll through a site without clicking around on a small screen to find the information they need.

They’re Unique!

Interior Design by Decade Parallax Scrolling Site

What a unique way for Harvey Water Softeners to illustrate how interior design has changed over the years.

One page sites are not the norm in web design, giving them a unique flare. Don’t get me wrong, well-designed multi-page websites are pretty awesome too, but if a designer only has to focus on creating one page, there’s more room to get creative and think outside of a standard website setup.

Images Everywhere

Being able to incorporate a lot of images on your website is another advantage of the one page design. The layout lends itself to be image driven in order to keep visitors engaged while moving through the site.


Not Great for Blog-Centered Websites

We love blogging and encouraging other businesses to incorporate a blog with their website. However, we realize that handling a blog on a single page site could be rather challenging. If your blog is a main component of your site this may not be the right layout for you.

Requires Visitors to Scroll…A Lot

Some people may like it but others may hate it. While scrolling is necessary to keep the visitor actively engaged on a one page website, a poorly designed site requiring an obnoxious amount of scrolling could leave visitors aggravated followed by a quick exit from your site. To avoid such frustration, run a few tests to see how long it takes before scrolling fatigue sets in.

Alstercloud Loading Page

Waiting for a website to load isn’t so bad when you have something fun to look at.

Longer Load Time

With so much content and several images on a single page, it’s going to take a bit longer for your website to load. However, many one page sites compensate for this by displaying an entertaining load page, like Alstercloud.

Sharing Specific Content is Difficult

Because all of the content on a variety of topics exists on one page with the same URL it’s hard for visitors to share specific content from your site. Everyone will always land on your website the same way on the same page.

Hard to Understand Engagement Points

One page sites also make it a bit difficult to identify what information or sections are attracting visitors to your website. Since there’s only one URL for your website, your analytic reports won’t be able to tell you much about the content visitors are seeking out upon visiting your site.

Not Great for SEO

Each page of a website can be optimized for different keywords. Since there’s a limited number of keywords you can target on a single page of a website, a downfall of one page sites is that you can’t target as many keywords, which is not great for your SEO.


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