Multiple IG Accounts2It seems like social media has become mandatory for businesses to connect with consumers. Almost every major brand or company has a Facebook or Twitter account. But it’s not just large corporations taking part in the social media frenzy. Small businesses are getting in on the free consumer interaction too. There’s also a trend developing for businesses to add Instagram to their list of social media must-haves.

Instagram 101

Instagram is a free, online, mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service that allows users to take and share pictures and videos on a variety of social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr. It’s pretty much a continuous feed of photos and videos from the people you follow. It’s like taking your Facebook feed and only looking at people’s photos and videos without all of the long, drawn out statuses about politics, religious beliefs and kittens in between.

The Struggle

Most of the communicators who post to Instagram for the company find a struggle in how the app is set up. Instagram only lets users log in to one account at a time. So, unlike Facebook, if you manage both the company social media and your personal social media, you can’t be logged in to both. This takes away the ease of posting from both accounts, since you have the hassle of logging out of one account to switch to the other.

Okay, now that I write this down it is a ridiculous thing to complain about while there are bigger problems like world hunger. But, I will say that since technology aims to make our lives more efficient, Instagram should do the same.

The Solution… Eh, Partial Solution

The good news is there are apps that are made to manage multiple Instagram accounts at once. The bad news is you can only view, like and comment on photos. Which means uploading will not work, since Instagram doesn’t allow other apps to do that.

Basically, Multigram and Fotogramme are apps that allow you to link multiple Instagram accounts so that you can access their feeds all in one place. So, the hassle of logging out of one account to switch to the other for the purpose of viewing your feed, interacting or commenting is gone. But you still have to log in to accounts separately to make posts.

One Step at a Time

Unfortunately, there isn’t an app allowing multiple account holders to rule their Instagram world. Multigram and Fotogramme allow for viewing, liking and commenting, but not uploading. Maybe a day will come when Instagram allows users to be logged in from multiple accounts at once. But until then, we will keep having to log in and out of different accounts to post pictures on Instagram.

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