Well… not if your blog is self serving, terrible, irrelevant or just copying someone else’s stuff. But if you’re writing quality blog posts, then I stand by my original statement – more is better. Yes, more is better.  Here’s the deal. Each blog post is like adding a page to your site, and more pages is better.  Here’s why:

Article published in Columbia Business Times Magazine

Written by MayeCreate’s founder Monica Pitts and originally published in Columbia Business Times magazine. Check out the Columbia Business Times for interesting profiles, news, updates on developments and important local issues.

It’s another opportunity to ask people for their business.

Imagine each page in your website as a networking contact.  If you know 7 people, then you can ask only 7 people for their business.  And only 7 people can tell others about your business.  Now imagine you know 300 people… You have 293 more people to ask if they need your products and services.  Which is better, 7 or 300?  Pages work like that.

It’s a door to your site.

Each page in your site is like a door to your house; it’s a way for visitors to enter.  Some visitors come in the front door, while others go in the garage or the back door. It all depends on what part of your house they’re interested in.  The more doors you have to your house the more ways people can enter.  Each page in your site is an opportunity to invite people in and allow them to look around.

It’s a relevant conversation.

People search for your services like they talk about your services.  But you write about your services like you talk about your services, and you’re an expert and they’re not.  So there’s often a gap in vocabulary between what you’re talking about on the website and what they’re using to find the information you have to offer.  Blogging allows you to address a question or an oddly named service head on to capture those visitors directly, and then send them to the information you have to help them make a buying decision.

It meets buyers where they are.

As people journey through the buying cycle, they make make decisions along the way. When they get started they are often identifying a problem that exists in their lives.  Then, they’ll look for a solution to the problem.  After that they’ll evaluate who might be able to help them.  Last, they make a decision on who to work with.  Buyers express different questions, concerns and knowledge levels about the decisions they’re trying to make during each step of the journey.   Blogging can meet them where they are and answer the questions they have at the moment they’re in.

It’s a way to build rapport and establish yourself as a thought leader.

People research before they buy.  Are they getting their research from you or your competition?  Blogging allows them to look to you for the answers instead of developing a relationship with your competition first.

It demonstrates you’re a reputable business in the eyes of Google.

Google looks at your site and online activities as a whole to judge if your business is reputable.  It also works to pair searchers with the answers they want most.  A site that’s updated often, such as a site with a regularly updated blog, is rewarded.  Google sees it as a well maintained site and will go to check to see if you added blog posts more often than if the site isn’t updated regularly.  Properly promoted blogging also generates return visitors to your site which shows Google that your visitors are more than just an acquaintance – they might be a friend, and more friends is better.  Last, if you have many people visiting your site and reading your information Google realizes your information is relevant and offers it to more people.

There you have it.  By writing more quality blog posts you generate more.  More opportunities, more doors, more conversations, more compassion, more education and more rapport.  Yup, more IS better.

Here’s Some Stats

Regular Blogger: Spradling Home Inspections

Started Blogging May 2014

Has posted an average of 2 times per month since May 2014

(25 posts in 2014, 42 posts in 2015, 7 posts in 2016)

6 Months Traffic Before Blogging:

Total Sessions: 773 (about 129/mo)

First 6 Months Blogging: 5/1/14-11/1/14

18 Posts Made

Total Sessions: 1,377 (about 230/mo)


Total Blog Visitors: 175

Blog Visitors from Columbia: 106

Blog Visitors from Missouri: 125


Second 6 Months: 11/2/14-5/1/15

27 Posts Made

Total Sessions: 2,373 (about 396/mo)


Total Blog Visitors: 777

Blog Visitors from Columbia: 161

Blog Visitors from Missouri: 209


Third 6 Months: 5/2/15-11/1/15

20 Posts Made

Total Sessions: 5,412 (about 902/mo)


Total Blog Visitors: 1,193

Blog Visitors from Columbia: 134

Blog Visitors from Missouri: 175


Occasional Blogger: Barchet & Jones

Started Blogging Occasionally in Dec 2011

Pre-Blogging 12/15/10-12/14/11 Traffic

Total Sessions: 1,071

First Year Blogging: 12/15/11-12/14/12

18 Blog Posts Made

Total Sessions: 2,235


Total Blog Visitors: 300

Blog Visitors from Columbia: 161

Blog Visitors from Missouri: 183


Second Year Blogging: 12/15/12-12/14/13

12 Blog Posts Made

Total Sessions: 2,102


Total Blog Visitors: 381

Blog Visitors from Columbia: 57

Blog Visitors from Missouri: 109



Third Year Blogging: 12/15/13-12/14/14

1 Blog Post Made

Total Sessions: 2,330


Blog Visitors from Columbia: 27

Total Blog Visitors: 346

Blog Visitors from Missouri: 81

13 14 15

Fourth Year Blogging: 12/15/14-12/14/15

4 Blog Posts Made

Total Sessions: 2,693


Total Blog Visitors: 471

Blog Visitors from Columbia: 62

Blog Visitors from Missouri: 146

17 18

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Monica is the creative force and founder of MayeCreate. She has a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with an emphasis in Economics, Education and Plant Science from the University of Missouri. Monica possesses a rare combination of design savvy and technological know-how. Her clients know this quite well. Her passion for making friends and helping businesses grow gives her the skills she needs to make sure that each client, or friend, gets the attention and service he or she deserves.

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