With how the buying process works today, chances are consumers are researching your company online and outsourcing information about you and your brand before even coming close to talking to you. That being said, in today’s world when a company starts marketing, their main goal is to reel in their target market without even going fishing. They want to develop relationships with potential customers before the sales staff starts talking. This idea of bringing people in can be done in multiple ways, including blogging. Blogging is a tool we encourage our customers to implement weekly to bring in consumers through information about the industry they’re in.

Spradling Home Screen Shot

Here’s a screen shot of Spradling Home Inspections, LLC’s website.

We recently worked with Spradling Home Inspections to enhance their online marketing and drive more traffic to their website in an effort to generate leads. Let’s dive into the details.

What We Did

We advised Spradling Home Inspections to start with email marketing, which was great, but it just wasn’t generating the results they were looking for. People were opening the newsletters and reading but not going to the site.  And leads were staying steady.  So, we suggested they take the great information that was in the emails, and add them to their website in individual blog posts.

In the process Spradling redesigned their old website and installed an email signup pop-up inviting visitors to join their list.

Spradling Home Inspections started blogging in May 2014. Since then, they have posted an average of 2 times per month. Overall, added 18 posts in their first 6 months of blogging, 27 posts in their second 6 month time span and 20 posts in their third 6 month span. Since it’s all about numbers, let’s take a look at the data.


Total Sessions

Spradling- Total Sessions

The number of sessions measures the number of times the site was viewed. Spradling Home Inspections’ total number of sessions drastically increased. While we can’t say the number of people visiting the site increased purely due to blogging efforts, we can say they definitely helped. Here’s a breakdown of the specific numbers of sessions and the number of blog posts from each 6 month period.

6 Months Traffic Before Blogging:

Total Sessions: 773 (about 129/mo)

First 6 Months Blogging: 5/1/14-11/1/14

18 Posts Made

Total Sessions: 1377 (about 230/mo)

Second 6 Months: 11/2/14-5/1/15

27 Posts Made

Total Sessions: 2373 (about 396/mo)

Third 6 Months: 5/2/15-11/1/15

20 Posts Made

Total Sessions: 5412 (about 902/mo)

Total Blog Visitors

Spradling- Total Blog Visitors

As more people became familiar with the blog, it’s number of visitors increased. It’s important to track the number of blog visitors and the most visited posts, because it gives you an idea of if your readers like the content you’re posting. If you’re posting content your audience dislikes, then the numbers may level out. If you’re posting content your audience likes, then the numbers should keep rising. Spradling Home Inspections has found blog post topics their audience cares about, so their visitors are continuing to increase. Here’s a breakdown of the specific numbers.

First 6 Months Blogging: 5/1/14-11/1/14

Total Blog Visitors: 175

Second 6 Months: 11/2/14-5/1/15

Total Blog Visitors: 777

Third 6 Months: 5/2/15-11/1/15

Total Blog Visitors: 1,193

Local Blog Visitors

Spradling- Local Blog Visitors


Spradling- Number of Posts

When looking at your blog visitors, it’s important to note the number of people that are local to your company, in your service area or target market. For Spradling Home Inspections, we looked at the number of visitors from Missouri and Columbia, because Columbia, Missouri is where they’re based out of. As you can see, both lines spike in the second 6 month period. This may be due to the number of blog posts that went out during that time or even the season of the year. Spradling posted the most during the second 6 month period. We’ll need to continue to monitor and review blog post topic performance and email marketing data in the target area as well as number of visitors to the site as well to ensure we continue to gain readership in the area.

First 6 Months Blogging: 5/1/14-11/1/14

Blog Visitors from Missouri: 125

Blog Visitors from Columbia: 106

18 Posts Made

Second 6 Months: 11/2/14-5/1/15

Blog Visitors from Missouri: 209

Blog Visitors from Columbia: 161

27 Posts Made

Third 6 Months: 5/2/15-11/1/15

Blog Visitors from Missouri: 175

Blog Visitors from Columbia: 134

20 Posts Made

Why It Worked

Their total blog visitors increased by 1,018 people in just a year and a half! That’s incredible! So what made the jump? Why did Spradling Home Inspections’ blogging efforts work?

For starters, we adjusted their email messages to display uniformly using an email template. Before, when the information was just placed in emails, it felt scattered and wasn’t as easy to follow.

We also began adding the newsletter content to the website where it can be found by search engines so people outside of Spradling Home Inspections’ email newsletter subscriber base are able to find and read their content. So not only did the newsletter generate return visitors by alerting the subscriber base about the new content it generated, but also organic or search traffic increased from people Google searching to learn more about the topics Spradling covers in their blog posts.


Melanie and Stuart Spradling, owners and inspectors of Spradling Home Inspections, LLC.

Best of all, Melanie Spradling, part owner and certified inspector, boasts that since she updated her website and began blogging alongside her email newsletters, she doesn’t have to beg for business from realtors anymore. The general public just contacts her directly through her website!

If you ask Melanie she’ll tell you her website and marketing practices didn’t happen overnight.  We’ve worked together for years to help her gain the confidence she needed to feel comfortable publishing her own blog posts and email newsletters.  The best thing about Melanie is she didn’t quit, even when she was frustrated, she kept on her path.  Now all her hard work has certainly paid off, rewarding her with quality leads funneling in via email and phone.

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