If you plan on designing buildings for a living, plan on designing a website to show off your construction capabilities to their fullest. There is no better way to attract new customers than with a killer online presence. Include the following seven elements on your new website to stay competitive in your  industry.

1. Portfolio Gallery

Example of a construction website portfolio.

Having an area on your website where potential customers can view and validate your work gives you a head up from your competitors. Pictures also give potential customers the ability to be more creative. They may not be able to verbally portray their visions out loud, but they might be able to after viewing other projects that are similar to their own visions. A portfolio gallery is a must have on any website but especially important when trying to market what your commercial construction company is capable of.

2. Social Media Icons

Why add links to your social media? The presence of social media is becoming more and more important for construction companies in their marketing plan. After you spend so much time updating your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts, build your audiences by allowing to join with one click. Adding social media icons to your website gives customers that “one stop shopping” experience. It promotes your commercial construction company on many different platforms. Social media gives your commercial construction companies a quick way to share new work, features or articles about your business, and even awards (which don’t forget to add to your website as well) and drive traffic back to your website. This gives your website a way to expand your online presence and make you appear more professional.

3. Large Header Photos

Example of a larger header photo for a construction company website.

You have heard the saying “go big or go home,” these days adding big header photos to your construction company website is a must. Showcase your best work on the front page! By doing this, your potential customers automatically see how great you are the minute your website loads. Rotate those photos so visitors don’t feel stagnant. Movement adds a more modern feel to your page and brings your design elements to the forefront allowing them to see several showcase photos.

4. Professional Photography

With today’s smartphones it’s easy to snap a photo of the project you just finished. This is great for the Monday morning staff meeting but if you want to showcase your finished work, and don’t have the budget to hire a professional,  you still need to make sure your quick photos seem professional. Add high quality photos to your website, by doing so, visitors will see your work in an ideal setting with perfect light and placement. Professional photography gives the potential customer a better view of what you are capable of doing for them.

5. Reviews/Testimonials

Example of a construction website testimonial.

Construction companies that add testimonials to their websites validate their services. Previous customers who share their experiences about your service, through a review, are as good as “word of mouth” advertising. You can rave about your process and quality work but the words of your clients go farther to  boost your credibility and let visitors know how good you are.

6. Separate Service Pages

Sharing all the services you offer is another great way to bring in more people. This is a web design must to tell the story of each of your services. Detail everything you offer using verbiage that describes those services, along with great photos. Share with your audience all the specialties you provide, which will expand your potential customers. Here, you can build confidence and let visitors know you tailor your construction to meet each customer’s needs individually. Furthermore, separate service pages can be optimized to rank in Google for service specific key terms allowing more opportunities for you to connect with potential prospects.  

7. Mobile Friendly Design

Example of a mobile friendly design for construction companies.

In today’s market, a website that’s easily navigated through a mobile device is a must. In April of 2015, the Pew Research Center stated, “nearly two-thirds of Americans are now smartphone owners, and for many, these devices are a key entry point to the online world.”  With that being said, your site needs to be easy to use for people who may be navigating through a mobile device. If your website can not be easily accessed you are missing out on potential customers. Google is also making a push for mobile friendly sites, ranking them higher in search listings.

Best Construction Company Website Design

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