Fonts!!! *5 second dance party* I love fonts. While I know not everyone shares my love of characters, everyone is bound to find themselves in search of that perfect font for a project at some point in their lives.
Are you completely lost on where to go? Fear not! Below are 4 different, yet awesome, resources for finding the font of your dreams. (And hey, if you’re totally lost on fonts all together check out our blog posts Font Terms Glossary and Intro to Fonts or download our Logo Planning Kit complete with our Finding Your Perfect Font Style E-Book.)

Free Fonts

Font Squirrel

font_font squirrel

Why They’re Cool

Not only do they have a nice looking website, Font Squirrel has nice looking free fonts! I really love the look of Font Squirrel’s website. It’s clean and their navigation is pretty straight-forward.

Their simple, easy-to-find navigation boasts a few categories, probably the most searched for: Hot, Recent, Almost Free. (For nerds who like to keep up with what’s hot in the font world, this is a major bonus!) If a simple category is too vague for you there are many options down the right sidebar. You can search by several different ways:

  • Font Lists:  Recently Added, Most Popular, Hot Today, Almost Free, etc.
  • Find Fonts by Classification or Tags: Sans Serif, Casual, Distressed, Stencil, etc.
  • Font Filter: Licenses (what devices support the font), Family Size (how many variations of a single font), Downloads, Sort by
  • Languages: Find fonts that support a specific language

Most of the fonts on this website are in fact free, however they do boast “Almost Free” fonts, but they warn you before clicking. Thanks, Font Squirrel, for keepin’ an eye out.

(They also have a Webfont Generator, but that’s a whole different blog post!)

A Cool Feature

Font Squirrel Device Compatibility

Font Squirrel illustrates which devices a font is compatible with.

While Font Squirrel doesn’t allow you to customize the preview text of a font (to see how your text will look in said font), upon clicking on a font for more information, they have a plethora of sizes and displays of the font from large to teeny, what every letter looks like in upper and lower-case, an example of each family within the font and also a little history about the font! Check out Amatic. I love handwritten fonts. Nerd out, people. Nerd. Out.

Google Fonts

Google Fonts Website

Why They’re Cool

Google Fonts is probably our first go-to for fonts when designing for the web. Why? Because all the choices on Google Fonts are essentially web-safe; it takes the guesswork out of “Will my viewer’s computer have this font??” (Did you know if you don’t have the font a designer chose for a website that text will default to a more generic font? It’s true.) Web-safe fonts are fonts most likely to be on a wide range of computers; perfect for web designers!

Searching on Google Fonts is a breeze. The filters on the left sidebar are super easy to use and also offer character-specific search options: thickness of the character stroke, slant angle and width of the letters.

While all that web-safe business is cool, Google Fonts are also available to download and add to your computer. Simply find fonts you like and click the blue “Add to Collection” option. Review your collection and download! Boom.

A Cool Feature

font_google_fonts_preview_textGoogle Fonts has the ability to offer you custom preview text. Simply type your text in the “Preview Text:” box and you can instantly see what your text will look like in all of the sample fonts.

So, if you’re searching for a navigation font, for example, you can type “Home  |  About Us  |  Contact” into the preview box and see how your navigation could possibly look! It’s an excellent way to try out various fonts without having to download anything.

Paid Fonts

Why They’re Cool

The website makes me so happy. Not only do they have more than 150,000 desktop and web fonts, they provide awesome graphic examples of the fonts they’re selling. I have to admit I waited for the homepage slider to cycle through just so I could screenshot the above image! I love chalkboard fonts.

While it’s possible to find cool, free fonts out there it’s the paid ones that really express creativity. has some really spectacular fonts available for purchase. I mean, check out Evelenth. It looks just like a sponge stamp!


You may purchase individual fonts or select from pricing plans ranging from $0-$100 per month. While desktop fonts are extra for the free plan, all plans include variations of web font combinations.

A Cool Feature

While these lovely fonts aren’t free, offers lots of promotions and various discounts. They also have a blog! That’s right; check out their blog for interesting factoids about the daily comings and goings in the world.



Why They’re Cool

MyFonts is another lovely font website! Clearly outlined, their homepage proudly displays Hot New Fonts as well as a list of popular font designers. Looking through the Hot New Fonts you may find several on sale; you can also visit the Special Offers page for awesome discounts and promotions.

Browse through a variety of font categories: popular, best sellers, newly uploaded, on sale, top web fonts or use the link in the right sidebar to find more font options.


Each font has it’s own set price.

A Cool Feature

What truly sets MyFonts apart is their WhatTheFont tool! Have you ever seen a graphic and wondered, “Hmm… What is that font?” Simply take a screenshot, or snippet, of the font you are curious about. Upload it using the super easy-to-use WhatTheFont tool and you will be presented with options as to what that font might possibly be. Mind. Blown. There’s even a mobile app!

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