IT Consulting websites, due to the nature of their industry, have large amounts of information to communicate. Large amounts of information require extra emphasis on the design of the site’s navigation and text treatments to increase legibility. We can’t forget that the site should also have a contemporary design. After all, we are talking about the Information Technology industry. The 5 sites I have highlighted all meet this criteria, plus many other useful features.

1. Saicon Consulting


The Overland Park, Kansas company Saicon Consulting has a website with a very technical feel to it. The site navigation makes it real easy to move around the site.

  • Cool colors are often used to brand technology websites and this site has plenty of cool color.
  • The site has clear, easy to understand navigation preventing the visitor from getting lost on the site.
  • The customized home page gallery images are very eye catching, building interest for viewers.
  • The use of an animated gallery to display the client list is a nice design element. It communicates the information without taking up too much screen real estate.
  • The site also highlights the two most recent blog posts on the homepage. Doing this grabs the reader’s interest and draws them further into the site; it also makes the site appear maintained and relevant.

If I was to change anything:

The website is nice overall but I would take a second look at the font chosen. The tight kerning between letters on the font Helvi makes it very difficult to read.  One suggestion might be the font Droid Sans. Droid Sans has the same contemporary feel but without the tight kerning issue.

2. Think Ahead


Think Ahead from Chicago, IL takes full advantage of white space and legible typography on their website. These design elements alone give the site a contemporary feel.

  • The site is professional and organized yet minimal in style, making it very easy to get the important information.
  • The blog is updated on a regular basis and is highlighted prominently on the homepage of their site.
  • They effectively use a lead generation download offer, asking for the client’s contact information before they can download a whitepaper.  This allows them to keep in contact with visitors or possibly enter them into a drip campaign for lead nurturing.
  • Their font choice is clear and legible. It also has the perfect amount of padding on all text elements.
  • On the AHEAD AVIATION page, images are used effectively to maintain a minimal/contemporary feel.
  • The site is built with a responsive architecture, meaning it will automatically adapt to tablet or mobile devices.

If I was to change anything:

They use images on the homepage and one other page of the website. They could add a few more images to the site to build visual interest.

3. YJT Solutions


Chicago, Illinois’ YJT Solutions uses minimalist design elements and responsive architecture to give their website a contemporary feel.

  • The website’s static navigation is always present at the top of the page making it real easy to get to the next section of the site.
  • The bright complimentary colors create a feeling of energy.
  • The site benefits from an abundance of white space making it real easy to find the information you are seeking.
  • Large chunky images are used to help communicate the information on some of the pages.
  • The site is also responsive.

If I was to change anything:

I would only change two things on this site: adding a design effect to the active navigation item would help communicate the visitor’s position on the site and adding some subtle texture to break up the monotony of the big color bars might enhance the design even more.

4. Cognizant


The site for Cognizant is a really fun site.  The colors grab your attention and generate energy. The angled color bars and unique navigation move your attention around the site.

  • Large image slider with customized, technology focused branding applied to the photos.
  • Bright colors give a sense of fun to the business as well as grab the attention of the visitor.
  • The large fonts with generous leading make the site really easy to read.
  • About half way down the home page a video adds an additional medium for viewers to see highlights of the company’s awesome technology.
  • Although the information structure of the site is very involved. The strong navigation helped me navigate the whole site.

If I was to change anything:

With the world moving toward even more mobile internet browsing, I would suggest that they make their site responsive.

5. Asynchrony


Asynchrony from St. Louis, Missouri knows design.  Their site is well organized, easy to read and jam packed full of style.

  • The large header images have a subtle but nice styling. The images are not stock photography which helps personalize the website.
  • The site has a large chunky header, but the information contained in it is not overwhelming.
  • They use fun videos as a way to help explain topics.
  • They use color matched social media to further push the branding feel.
  • The site has a search feature available that provides the user an additional way to find information.

If I was to change anything:

They only missed one opportunity, and judging from the awesome quality of the rest of the site, I am sure it was an oversight. A read more link could be used in the first two paragraphs of each post. With this link applied, the user would not have to scroll as much.  This would be especially helpful if the site visitor is on a mobile device.


Your IT consulting business has large amounts of information that your clients will need. Communicating this large amount of information on a website requires an extra emphasis on the design of the site’s navigation and font choices. Is the information on your site communicated in a clear fashion?  Is the structure of the navigation clear and easy to navigate?

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