Social media ads seem to fill our timelines, especially Facebook. I can’t get on there for a couple minutes without seeing at least one, if not two, ads. So if we’re bombarded with them, is it worth it to spend money and use Facebook to promote my company? Heck yes it’s worth it! Research shows 25% of people who see a social ad will respond by visiting the store or website, and between 14-17% will convert by purchasing a product or service.
So how are those people connecting with their target audience? Some ad viewers (myself included) just scroll past ads without giving them two licks of attention. I’ve found the ads I actually read have an interesting photo and a catchy headline. Let’s talk about how to be one of those attention-grabbing, purchase converting ads.

How to Make Your Facebook Ads More Clickable

In a Facebook Ad, the headline is shown directly below the photo. While it’s important to have an interesting and engaging photo that relates to your ad, it’s even more important to have a great headline to back it up.

Here are 3 basic rules to follow to write better headlines for Facebook Ads.

1. Customize

We’ve all seen the “buy now” ads. Say it with me– BORING!!! If that’s your headline, you deserve to be scrolled past. Not many people want to be sold to while they’re on Facebook.

Make your headline customized to your company, product or service, or maybe even all three.


Looking at this headline, we know exactly who the company is and what they’re advertising for. When the ad is clicked, it’s going to take viewers to a page with an all natural hair removal made by Sugar Me Smooth.

Although, if it were my ad I would have made the headline “25% Off All Natural Hair Removal.” That way the viewers would instantly know an important part of the information the ad was promoting. Also, who doesn’t love to hear about discounts and sales?!

2. Clear

Facebook is full of words. You see long, blah blah statuses about your great aunt’s hangnail, which causes a majority of us to just skim when reading our timeline. Don’t let your ad be one of the lost or skimmed over. Also, don’t create an ad with jumbles of confusing words.

Your headline must have clarity in what your ad is offering the viewer.


Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival is killing it with their headline. The headline clearly states what the company wants viewers to do. When the ad is clicked, it will take viewers to get their 2016 festival tickets. Which I highly suggest for you all to do…

3. Concise

This goes with the previous point. Try to minimize your word usage, and make your message concise and straight to the point. Facebook suggests to make ad headlines between 25-40 characters in length. Think “less is more.”

Here’s a great example of a concise and clear message. Try and guess what the company is needing.headline-3

If you guessed wedding vendors, you’re correct. This headline is very clear in what the ad’s purpose is, and they did it with a minimum amount of words.

Here are more examples of Facebook Ads that just hit the nail on the head with customized, clear and concise headlines.


Who wants to buy me one? Mail to Allison at MayeCreate!


Surprise, more student housing…


I know the Olympics are over, but we can still bask in the cuteness of childhood photos.

Better Headlines Lead to Purchase Conversion

It’s important to have a strong headline when it comes to Facebook Ads. Make your ads more clickable with customized, clear and concise headlines. Using a direct, uncluttered message will give viewers an exact idea of what the ad’s purpose is. As always, if you feel like you need help with your Facebook advertising, we’re only a phone call away!



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