If you look around today’s world, it seems like everyone feels the need to have the latest and greatest. Everyone wants the fastest and most efficient product no matter what its function is. We expect these products to be even better than the ones before it. And since we want it so bad, we’ll pay hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars to get it.

The new iPhone 6 plus- gotta have it. The new 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor- gotta have it. The new PlayStation 4- gotta have it. The new MacBook- gotta have it. But let’s take a second to think of what all of these things have in common…

They’re all updates! Those products are made to be better than their old versions. It may be the same product, but there are always new features that seduce the buyer into thinking they absolutely need it, or they’re going to be out of the loop.

If people are willing to jump hurdles to update their technology and vehicles, why aren’t they updating their software? Maybe they don’t realize how important it is for their website or computer. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s just as important to keep your software updated – especially WordPress and plugins!

Keep your WordPress and plugins updated.

I understand that sometimes that’s just the last thing on your mind, and I completely understand that you have a busy life – don’t we all? I just can’t stress the importance of keeping it updated for the sake of you, your company and whoever created/manages your website (hopefully that’s us). And for those of you that don’t have a website yet, you’re in luck because you’re getting ahead of the game with your software updating knowledge.

WordPress and Plugin Breakdown

As for those of you that don’t know what WordPress and/or plugins are, or exactly what they do, this section is for you.


WordPress is a free web software you can use to create a website or blog. This software is completely customizable and can be used for almost anything- think lists of recipes, emotional teenage blogs and Fortune 500 websites. WordPress began as a blogging system, but it has evolved to be used as a full content management system and so much more through the thousands of plugins. This is the software we use to create all of the websites we design.


Plugins are a piece of software that extends the functionality of the WordPress software. This is what makes WordPress customizable to each website’s need. Plugins add functions to WordPress that aren’t one of the software’s main features. An example of one plugin we use is Formidable Forms. This plugin allows users to quickly and easily create forms on websites such as contact, application and purchase forms. We have a couple examples of forms on our website including our Figuring Out WordPress Training Guide (which is free and I highly recommend you download and read). This form has basic information to fill out with the option to subscribe to our marketing blog too (which I also highly recommend if you haven’t already).

Updating always seems to take forever, so why should I do it?

For starters, patience is a virtue, my friend. Updates are in your best interest, no matter how long they take. The good news is WordPress and plugin updates usually don’t take long at all. So you really don’t have that excuse to use in this case.

One of the reasons to update your WordPress and plugins are for the new features, just like why you update your technology. But the most important reason to update is for security.

Security That’s Better Than Paul Blart: Mall Cop

Hackers are the raccoons of the internet. They’re sly, unwanted and like to break into your trash (except your website isn’t trash; but if it is, feel free to have us design one for you). WordPress is 100% free, so hackers get full access to find holes in the software. Running older software creates an opportunity for hackers to find all of the loopholes of the system.  Once they find a loophole they attack other sites running the same version the software and try to hack them in the same way.

Letting your software become outdated is like leaving your trash can lid open for raccoons to have easy access. Those holes are sealed with every update, hence why you should update your WordPress and plugins any time a new update is available.

Updates make our world go ‘round.

New updates are released frequently, so it’s something you need to stay on top of. If you feel like you can’t keep track of the updates, you should let us help you out. Our designers will gladly update your WordPress and plugins, because we know the dangers that lurk in the internet shadows of outdated software. Plus, no one wants to deal with the mess of having someone hack your website. It can easily be avoided with a quick update!

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