1. Click on the “add an image” icon next to Upload/Insert
  2. Click the “select files” button next to Choose files to upload
  3. Browse for the pdf you wish to upload, when you find it click it to select it then click “open”
  4. Type the name of the link to the the “title” field, consider telling people this is  a pdf so they know it before the click, it’s common Internet courtesy to do so.
  5. Next to the “Link URL” field click the “File URL” button
  6. Click “Insert into Post” button
  7. Your link should look like this:  This is a link to a pdf, it will open in the same browser window you’re currently in

If you want your link to open in a new browser window (I suggest this if you have a large file that may take a while to download)

  1. Click inside the link
  2. Click the “Insert/edit link” icon
  3. Select “Open in new window (_blank)” from the target drop down options
  4. Click Update
  5. Here’s your new link: This is a link to a pdf, it will open in  a new  same browser window

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