Construction workers know how to design amazing buildings but do they know how to design amazing websites? After reviewing commercial construction websites from businesses in the mid-west, we concluded that the following 9 elements are web design MUST haves for companies in this industry.

1. Project Gallery

Project Gallery

Construction companies put a lot of thought, time and sweat into the projects they create, so why not show them off for the world (and other potential customers) to see? Having a project gallery on the website is a visually appealing way to do this. By displaying the finished masterpieces online, potential clients can see what you’re company is capable of doing for them. Additionally, including a project gallery on you website can inspire creativity for buyers and also build credibility for the company. As they say, a picture’s worth a thousand words.

2. Large Images and Professional Photography

Large Images

Large images tend to dominate the design of commercial construction websites. Since these companies are constructing such large buildings, the best way to do them justice is to present them in a big way. Also consider displaying professionally taken photographs of your work on your website. You’ve already put a lot of work into creating a quality masterpiece, so don’t let your credibility crumble due to low quality photos. When the driving force behind your business is the amazing products you can turn out, actually showing the beauty of those end products is a must.

3. Services Provided

Services Provided

A project gallery is a great start to showing clients what your company is capable of doing and dedicating a section of your website to expanding upon all the services your company can provide is another web design must. This is the place to detail with words, not just images, the types of services you have to offer and what your specialties are. Also the descriptions should link back to the portfolio for examples of that type of work.

4. Big, Image Driven Headers

Big, Image Driven Headers

Website headers are one of the first things people notice when visiting your website. In the construction industry, you either go big or go home. That being said, commercial construction websites tend to have over sized headers. Additionally, the images often rotate through multiple scenes in the header, adding movement and a modern feel to the home page of the site.

5. Client Testimonials

Diversified Construction Testimonial

Diversified Construction Testimonial from Patrick Kelley for World Martial Arts Center.

You can say your company is the best in the business but nothing beats a testimonial from a client who has already taken advantage of your services and were extremely pleased with the results. A lot of construction companies include client testimonials on their websites to help boost their credibility, such as the one above.

6. News/Press Releases

News and Press Releases

Not all commercial construction websites include links to news and press releases, but it is an up and coming trend seen on many of their websites. Keeping the public updated on the projects you’re company is working on or awards you’ve won via newsletters or press releases is a great way for your construction company to promote itself without being too pushy. Also, sharing news about store openings for clients your company worked with helps to show how proud the company is of all the hard work put forward by employees. It’s also a great way to support your client’s business ventures as well as hype up community developments.

7. Multiple Contact (Information) Points

The easier it is for clients to get in touch with you, the better chance you have of gaining their business. By placing contact information or links to the contact information at multiple points on the website, a visitor will have no problem figuring out the best way to reach you. On commercial construction websites, you often find a phone number prominently placed on the homepage, as well as a link to more contact info in the navigation bar and in the footer of every page of the site.

8. Social Media Icons

A social media presence is definitely something to consider if you’re looking to add to your online marketing mix. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are great social Social Media Icons media platforms for commercial construction companies to promote their business, not to mention popular places for others to spread positive word-of-mouth messages for them. Social media is another way to tell the public about newly constructed work, featured news stories or awards. Including icons on your website that link to your social media profiles is an easy way to expand your online presence and add to your brand personality.

9. Bonus Feature: Webcam Access

Web Cams If you’re looking to add something a little special to your commercial construction website, you might consider broadcasting your job sites. McCarthy out of Kansas City and Clayco out of St. Louis are two construction companies in the mid-west already doing this, allowing viewers to see the day-by-day progress without having to visit the actual job site. Also, it’s a great way for a construction company to be transparent about their work.


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