WordPress 3.4 is the latest release allowing for media enhancements, HTML improvements and Twitter embeds.
One update MayeCreate is excited about is the captions supporting HTML code. Previously, WordPress only allowed simple text in the captions and features. New features include adding a link and title for the picture, line breaks, different styled fonts and other tasks in HTML.

If these features don’t convince you enough to upgrade, having a properly working WordPress and stopping hackers should. Older versions of WordPress make it easier for hackers and viruses in.

Our guidelines

If you would like to upgrade WordPress by yourself, our rule is this: If the site breaks when updating we will help you fix but we’ll have to charge you. Allowing us to upgrade your WordPress to make the desired changes will ensure that everything transfers. We’ll make sure that plugins are compatible and add-ons continue to work.

Contact us for questions or to upgrade to the new WordPress 3.4!


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