You maybe asking yourself, “Why do I need to learn these shortcut keys? I can just use the menu bar.” These shortcut keys are designed to help speed up editing and get you back to the creative process of writing. Try these Visual and HTML shortcut keys and see how resourceful you become!

Visual mode shortcut keys:

These visual shortcut keys will help you format text faster.

When selecting a different header type, the process of scrolling through the long list can get time consuming. These easy shortcuts will help pick a header type quick.

H1 Header: Ctrl + 1

H2 Header: Ctrl + 2

H3 Header: Ctrl + 3

H4 Header: Ctrl + 4

Paragraph: Ctrl + 7

HTML mode shortcut keys:

Ever noticed you’re getting a double return each time you hit enter? To create a single return use the following shortcut:

Line break: SHIFT + Enter

Delete something you weren’t supposed to? Use these undo and redo shortcuts to help you out:

Redo: Ctrl + y

Undo: Ctrol + z

Is the post you are writing a little long? Add a Read More tag so that your readers know that there is more information:

Read More: Alt + SHIFT + t

Now that you have some techniques to help you use your time more proficiently, check out the entire article for more helpful shortcut keys!

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