If you plan to build your own website or have someone else build it, you need to have 5 essential items no matter what. There are many more things that you should include, but the following are a MUST HAVE!
You must have:

  1. Clear way to contact you.
  2. Portfolio showcasing your work.
  3. Modern and mobile friendly design.
  4. History of your company.
  5. Specific job-type details.

1. Clear way to contact you.

Example of contact information for electrical contractor websites.

If people don’t know how to reach you, then you won’t be getting any business. Make sure your website visitors can easily contact you! Nothing is more important to have.

I suggest displaying your phone number and a possible button in the upper right hand corner. A button can either link to your contact page or a request form for people to fill out. Following this method makes it super easy for people to quickly get a hold of you.

The eye naturally moves from the upper left hand corner to the upper right hand corner, then across the page to the lower left hand corner and finally to the bottom right hand corner. It mimics an almost Z like pattern.   Give visitors your contact information on both the top and the bottom of the page.  Place your logo in the upper left or middle so they can first identify your company then on the upper right consider displaying your contact information so they know how to contact you.  Do the same at the bottom of the page or reverse the order of your logo and contact information to create symmetry.

In the footer you may also consider displaying your addresses, a Google map  and social media links.

2. Portfolio showcasing your work.

Example of a portfolio for electrical contractor websites.

Portfolios are extremely important for electrical contractors. In our experience photo galleries or portfolios are often the most viewed part of a website, so keep your portfolios up to date.

Photos are the easiest way to convey the specialty and depth of your work.  Creating a completed projects section in your website grants easy access to prospects evaluating your company for a job. Plus it’s an easy way to keep your website up-to-date and growing.  And because you’re completing jobs all the time, your completed projects website content is some of the easiest to create.

Some of the best electrician websites display their completed projects by the industries they serve or specific types of services they offer, others simply include a gallery or slideshow of past jobs from start, middle and finish. Either way you do it will give your site visitors better examples of what they might receive from your work. Portfolios could possibly turn those visitors into customers!

3. Modern and mobile friendly design.

Example of a mobile view for electrician websites.

As we have said from time and time again, many, many, many people access the internet via their smartphones or tablets. Because of this high percentage, electric companies really need to have a responsive design, which can be viewed on mobile devices.

Other than having a mobile friendly website, a modern design is growing important too. There are a lot of websites out there, especially within your field of trade, so it is vital to stand out from the crowd. A modern design can do just that!

What does this exactly mean you may ask? Well it means your website is up to date from the look to the content. Furthermore, it represents your business with a fresh look and a specific theme. Take a look at the picture above for a better idea, notice the high quality photographs, color pallet and sharp background? Check out our Electrical Contractors Website Trends post to learn more about what’s trending for website designs in your industry.

4. History of your company.

Example of an about page for electrician websites.

People like to read about the business they may potentially work with. It provides them a look into the human side of the business.

Write a short paragraph for the homepage or share a the company’s story on an about page. Both options allow visitors a glimpse into your character and work ethic via your company’s history.

Consider including interesting facts or significant statistics about you and the rest of the staff staff. For example, if you were awarded the best electrician of your county, state that and include a picture! People love to see this kind of stuff because it shows how exemplary you are.

Providing residential electrical service staff photos can help home owners put a face with a name as they allow electricians, they may not know personally, into their homes.

5. Specific job-type details.

Example of specific services for electrician websites.

Potential customers need  to see what types of service your business provides. Show them an easy to read list; they don’t want to read a vague paragraph. So, give that to them! Make a list of every type of service you can offer, from the small jobs to the large ones and everything in between.

If you’re trying to optimize your site to draw in visitors for each service specifically consider creating a page for each of your services.  

What to place on each service page:

Consider what a prospect needs to know about each service to learn if you can fulfill the criteria for their project.  

  • Tell them about experience you have
  • Share related past projects
  • Highlight certifications
  • Display a testimonial from a satisfied customer include a photo of the customer or the a project you’ve completed for them to build credibility.

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