When you hear the word “plumbing” beautifully designed usually does not go along with it. However, it does when a plumbing website is built and designed well. Five of the best plumbing website designs come from My Plumber, Kimberling City Plumbing, Service Pros, Tony La Martina Plumbing and Bob Hamilton Plumbing. They made the list because of their modern designs and visually appealing design elements. Let’s go through each one:

1. My Plumber

My Plumber is a contractor for HVAC and plumbing in San Diego.

My Plumber is a full service HVAC contractor and plumber in San Diego, California. Since 1981, My Plumber has serviced countless homes and businesses throughout the San Diego area with exceptional customer service and superior workmanship, seven days a week. Their technicians are fully trained, licensed, bonded and certified to handle 100% of the customer’s service needs.


Their logo is unique and easy to find and the top image on each page really grabs the visitor’s attention.

What makes this plumbing website stand out:

    • The quality and content of the main photograph quickly provides information on the type of business this website represents. I immediately know that it belongs to a tradesperson of some type and the logo in the upper left hand corner allows me to put the pieces together.
    • The logo lets me know what the company’s about. The phone number is easy to locate as well at the top and bottom of all pages.
    • The large photos up top really hold My Plumber’s website design together. Consistency is created with the nailed down header and similar page layouts. The site is responsive and adjusts the display well, for the most part, to optimize for multiple size devices.
    • The four service pages are easy to read and navigate. They’ve done a good job of beefing up the site content to improve their search engine placement.  By creating pages for each of the types of services, they can optimize for more key terms and, as a result, hopefully get more business.

Wish List:

The sidebar is most bothersome of the entire website design. Almost every page was extra-long because of the sidebar length, creating a lot of unnecessary whitespace at the bottom. Most of the sidebar content isn’t relative to the page content and feels distracting and repetitive.  

Also, we would double check the adjustments to the template as the site responds to different device sizes. The header image at mobile size and the link on the phone number at desktop size, in particular, aren’t working exactly as they should.

2. Kimberling City Plumbing

Kimberling City Plumbing is a large plumbing company in Missouri.

Husband and wife team, Kent and Leasa Brosseau bought Kimberling City Plumbing in 1991. Since then, they have grown into one of Missouri’s most experienced and dependable plumbing companies. Whether you’re a contractor or a homeowner, their reliable team will complete the job from “dirt to done.” You’ll be happy with their work and they’ll be happy to do it for you. MayeCreate really enjoyed working with Kimberling City Plumbing to build an exceptional website for such an established business.


The icons are visually appealing and easy to digest along with original imagery of friendly staff members.

What makes this site stand out:

    • The icons below the opening photo have a really stylized look to them that mirrors the design of the logo. The icons allow visitors to put an image with a specific type of service. Furthermore, the icons add a nice touch to the overall simplicity of the design as well as the feel of a plumbing website.
    • The site uses subtle animation to add interest to pages. In the navigation, the hover from transparent to solid on the three yellow buttons highlights them without overdoing it. The services with the icons ease up as your scroll over them and change color.
    • The imagery is colorful and crisp, it feels welcoming and authentic and it really sets off this site. I like that they show images of their staff along with the services and contact information. It helps you know who you’re speaking with and put a face with a name.
    • The about page does a great job sharing a mix of old to new photos of the company through time- family and professional. It tells the company story in a simple, direct and visually driven manner.

3. Service Pros

Service Pros Tempe Plumbing Heating is locally owned and operated.

Service Pros Tempe Plumbing Heating & Cooling is a locally owned and operated plumbing and HVAC team in Tempe, Arizona with over 25 years of exceptional service under their belts. They treat you and your home with the respect you deserve. That means donning boot covers and laying down plastic or floor rugs whenever necessary to make sure they don’t track dirt into your home. Service Pros make the fixes necessary and leave your home looking as nice as it did when they arrived.


The ability to contact immediately from the header and a detailed list of services are great marketing tools.

What makes this plumbing website stand out:

    • The name and contact information stands out against the faded picture behind it, I like the tight line overlay instead of just a total color overlay on the image.
    • The detailed list of services on the homepage is a fantastic way to get the essentials out there to visitors. It’s another great mark
    • The navigation adjusts as you scroll, starting larger while at the top of the page then adjusting to be shorter as you move into the body of the page content. This allows visitors to jump to another page without scrolling to the top of the screen and shares a maximum viewing area.

Wish List:

Every page has a middle section consisting of a large photo behind text. This is a popular design element but is not executed well here. All of the photographs are low quality and too loud for text to be over them, making the text hard to read.

4. Tony La Martina

Tony La Martina Company has a long history in St. Louis plumbing.

Tony La Martina Plumbing Company Inc is a family business with a rich local history and solid reputation. They are experts in old-home plumbing, high-end fixture installation, and residential plumbing problems of all kinds. Their family has been serving St. Louis City and St. Louis County for over 100 years. When Tony La Martina shows up at your doorstep, they bring with them a five-star service reputation and a long legacy of plumbing knowledge and expertise.


The simple color pallet and introductory video are wonderful attention grabbers.

What makes this site stand out:

    • A simple color pallet of blue and shades of grey is carried into the tone of the photographs, turning away from color and sticking with black and white.
    • A video introduces visitors to the website immediately by displaying their employees at work. This is a great way to attract people and keep them on your site.
    • Panning and static backgrounds are used in the page designs. The homepage uses a panning effect in the introductory video with the staff photograph. Most of the other pages use a static background with a still-like layout.
    • Subtle animations are incorporated throughout the site, which draw the eye of visitors to that specific element on the page. The service section is a fantastic example of this with the service icons transitioning as you scroll down.
    • A blocked out services page is super easy for visitors to navigate. Pages like this are favored by people because of how easy it is to take in and digest. Visitors prefer to go straight to the service they are needing.

Wish List:

Most of the web content is hidden underneath the “About Us” tab on the navigation bar. There are too many pages shoved into the submenu, I am overwhelmed with all of the choices. At MayeCreate Design, we probably would have moved some of the content to another tab.

5. Bob Hamilton Plumbing

Bob Hamilton Plumbing, Heating, A/C and rooter is located in Kansas City.

Everyone at Bob Hamilton Plumbing, Heating, A/C and Rooter, from their master plumbers to their HVAC repair technicians, takes great pride in delivering the highest level of customer service and satisfaction on every plumbing, drain clearing, furnace and air conditioning service they provide. To be acknowledged as a best company and an industry leader by their peers is a very special honor and everyone at Bob Hamilton is proud of the awards and recognition they have received over the years.


Fun colors, circle shapes and transitioning animation are popping out of this website.

What makes this plumbing website stand out:

    • Bright colors consisting of pink and blue make up their color pallet. These specific colors are extremely unique and not normally associated with plumbing. However, they use this to their advantage as a marketing strategy.
    • The circle shape is consistently implemented throughout the site from the logo to the social media icons and services buttons. This type of design helps connect elements across the page and bring them together, implementing one overall solid design.
    • Transitioning animation is displayed in the header. The photographs are transitioned from one to another via animation, which is a nice touch and appealing to the eye.
    • Thorough content makes up every page. Each service page provides detailed information on the capabilities they possess for different types of projects. Furthermore, talent and skills are shown off within the bodies of text.

Wish List:

Their gallery is lacking in photographs, like very lacking. To me, this is not a very good sign. We would have input many more photographs of completed projects and picture of employees at work to better showcase the company.

Take Away

Plumbing is not always thought of as aesthetic but it can be when the website designs are artistic and functional. My Plumber, Kimberling City Plumbing, Service Pros, Tony La Martina Plumbing, and Bob Hamilton Plumbing did an outstanding job setting an example of what the best plumbing websites look like.

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