Managing a Facebook business page can be intimidating, but fear not! Rather than leave you to completely fend for yourself, Facebook has generously created an easy plug-n-play solution to help you succeed in setting up your page. What’s this magic I speak of? Templates! And they’re just a click away if you know what to look for when setting up your Facebook page.

Did you read our previous post announcing Facebook’s recently released template for nonprofits? If so you probably have a good understanding of what a Facebook template is. Basically, Facebook wants to make sure your page is functional and effective while sparing you the work of doing it yourself.  That’s why they provide pre-built templates allowing you to plugin your information to easily create a page that promotes your business in the best way possible.

What are your choices?

The more you know, the easier it is to pick a template that’s right for your business. Check out these options:

  • Standard

This is the one-size-fits-all option. Standard templates include multiple customizable tabs, like the Home button and sections for videos and photos that can can be modified in the page settings to accommodate most businesses. This template works well in most situations, but if you have a more specific goal (i.e. promoting online shopping or making a political page) you might want to check other options below.

  • Shopping

It’s exactly what it sounds like: this template showcases your products online, allowing  people to browse through them right on your Facebook page. This template is ideal for people operating clothing stores or any type of consumer-based business.

  • Services

This one’s designed for people who provide non-tangible services, like construction companies or engineering firms and allows you, the business owner, to interact with future clients and attract new people interested in what you provide.

  • Politicians

Politicians can use this template to better communicate their message and reach their supporters

  • Restaurants & Cafes

Facebook set up this Restaurant & Cafe template to appeal to the hungry users, highlighting images and making menu options and other important info readily available.

  • Venues

If you run a business that hosts events, the Venues template will help make your life a little easier. Facebook has designed this template specifically to allow people to see your upcoming events, hours, and location.

But wait there’s more…

If your business is a nonprofit, you might be happier with Facebook’s newest non-profit template released on June 19th. The new Nonprofit template enables your organization to highlight your case, create fundraising events, and call your community base to action.

Next time you log into Facebook, take a look at your page and make sure your it’s set up with the appropriate template. If not, consider changing your existing page to a different template to enhance users’ experience while they’re on your Facebook page. And with all things marketing make sure after you make changes you test to make sure you get a better result with the new version than the old one!

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