construction-portfolioIt always seems as though we never have enough time to do everything we want in a day. It’s especially hard to make time for the little things that seem monotonous and time-wasting. For a busy person, an example of a time-waster might be updating the portfolio on their website. No one wants to take the time to go revisit old projects, when you already have a lot on your plate. That’s why we’re going to teach you the 3 easiest ways to update your portfolio and keep it updated!

Take photos immediately after your project is finished.

It’s the last day on the job site and you have everything cleaned up and ready to move on to the next. Before you do, stop and take a picture of the work you just completed. Use your smartphone and these tips to get the perfect shot. Then, you’ll never have to take the time to drive all the way back out to the site to get photos later. You’ll save time, energy and money from not having to take an extra road trip.

Also, if your portfolio page requires a testimonial from the client along with your pictures, this is the perfect time to get it. Follow these simple tips for getting the perfect testimonial.

Make uploading photos part of your post-project routine.

After your project is finished, while you’re completing your post-project process, add in another step. Make the new step the duty of uploading the pictures you took from the job site. You’ll have brand new pictures of a freshly done project, and you’ll have an up-to-date portfolio after every new project.

We like to use this strategy. After every website we build, we update our portfolio to include the new site and write a “take live blog post” that will go out to our readers. Consider writing a blog post about your new project to give more material about your company’s work to supplement your portfolio.

Have a DPU (Designated Portfolio Updater)

I just made that acronym up, because DPU sounds a little cooler than designated portfolio updater. Anyway, if you don’t want to make every project manager in charge of uploading their own portfolio photos, designate another person in the office to do it. Then you can have one person who’s comfortable with updating the site make the changes and keep it uniform instead of having to teach everyone.

Your portfolio should now be in tip, top shape!

If you follow those 3 easy steps, your portfolio will never be out of date again. Don’t let time keep you from updating your portfolio. These steps will take away maybe 5 minutes from your day, which is way better than taking hours updating your portfolio from 7 months ago. And, if you feel your portfolio lacks in design, let us help you create a new one. We don’t want to let your work suffer from bad design! You know where to find us.

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