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The images we have to choose from make me laugh. If a construction worker can manage to look this clean throughout their work day, I can’t help but wonder if they actually do anything. There is also no way their computer would be that clean if it’s always sitting next to sawdust.

While growing up with a father in the construction industry, I watched my dad record his work time on a paper timesheet. There are countless instances that I can remember sitting there watching him rack his brain trying to remember what hours he worked that week. Now if you’re anything like my father, you have probably suffered years of headaches from doing this. There has to be an easier way!

I work for a technology-based company, so my first thought for fixing this problem is to look to my generation’s friend, technology. As I’ve gotten older, technology has exploded. I’ve grown up in a world where phones make multiple dings and whistles, instead of just a regular ol’ ring. While people, like my dad, may repel the idea of relying on technology, that is what society has come to.

So, with the construction industry and my father in mind, I did some research on how to fix this timekeeping problem. I’ve found a timekeeping application that might be worth your while to check out. This app is revolutionizing the way construction companies can track important details relevant to their employees, turning it into an easy process. The idea behind this app is golden, but I think some of the details could be a little more thought out. With that in mind, I present to you, Timesheet Mobile.

What is Timesheet Mobile?

Timesheet Mobile is an easy to use application that allows employees to clock in and out of work from their phone. It does not require software, mobile data plans or smartphones to purchase or maintain. This app is made for businesses that need to eliminate timesheet errors and track the GPS location of their mobile employees.

Timesheet Mobile is web based, so you can access it from any computer with an internet connection. The employee timesheets can easily be imported to Quickbooks, where you can keep track of everyone’s time. Additionally, Time Reports can be run by job or employee for any time period.

Con #1: Cell Phone Usage

The first potential issue with the app would be the actual ownership of cell phones among the construction workers. We know it’s almost unheard of for people to not own cell phones in the modern world, but there are still some technological late bloomers. These workers wouldn’t be able to use Timesheet Mobile at all, which defeats the purpose of buying the service.

Paperless Timekeeping

Make a Call

Employees can easily Punch In or Out of their job site by calling a personalized, toll-free 800 number and entering an employee number and job number. “Punch Prompt” or Punching In and Out is what the app calls clocking in and out. Since upholding hectic schedules is a norm in the construction industry, one of the benefits of Timesheet Mobile is an automatically generated employee timesheet. This is a solution to those headaches I referred to before.

Use the App

If an employee has a smartphone, they can use the free app to Punch In and Out without having to make a call. The app can be downloaded from Android’s Google Play app store, or iPhone’s App Store. After adapting my dad into the modern world of technology, he has an app for almost absolutely everything. He might as well be able to rule the world with his smartphone (only kidding). But if he can’t use his phone to rule the world, the ability to clock in and out of work would seem to be a close second.

Timesheet Mobile app screenshot

The above image is a screen shot of what the Timesheet Mobile app looks like while downloading on an iPhone.

Con #2: Cell Phone Owner

If the cell phone is owned by the employee, they can refuse to clock in and out of work from it without some sort of reimbursement for using their minutes. But, if you gave them company phones, they wouldn’t have an excuse as to why they couldn’t use this app. That’s just something to consider from the worker’s point of view.

GPS Tracking

Another benefit of Timesheet Mobile is employee verification via GPS tracking. Workers may have multiple job sites to visit in a day. You can set up a Geofence around a set address where the employee is designated to work. If the employee Punches In or Out while outside of the Geofence, an alert will be sent to inform you that the employee is not where they are supposed to be. Location verification with Geofencing and Punch Prompt will automatically alert you if an employee is away from the work site. Unfortunately, you can’t use the app to tell where your employees are all day long, but you can tell where they clock in and out from.

Con #3: Cellular Reception

One of the main issues with the app would be cellular reception on job sites. If the job is in a rural area, chances are there will be minimal to zero cellular service. The employees wouldn’t be able to Punch In or Out for their work time. That would also mean you wouldn’t be able to track employees to ensure they were in their Geofencing area. It would again completely defeat the purpose for a construction company to buy this service if they typically worked in rural areas where there is hardly any cellular reception.

Timesheet Mobile App Basics

  • An unlimited number of employees and administrators can use the app.
  • All languages are supported.
  • Data is backed up nightly.
  • The service company utilizes separate databases for information to make sure data is kept separate between customers.
  • Offer a 30 day free trial.
  • Low monthly subscription rate of $29.99/month per company, plus $0.15 per employee punch, or $9.95 per employee/month for unlimited punches.
  • No contracts, so you can cancel your subscription at any time

New Era of Awesome

Despite having a few downfalls in the cell phone department, Timesheet Mobile could be the future of timekeeping.

  • It seems fairly easy to use for employees and managers.
  • This technology allows the construction industry to efficiently keep track of time.
  • Project managers can track employees on multiple job sites, which is pretty awesome in itself.

After telling my dad about this app, he was automatically interested in looking up more information. He has always told me to “work smarter, not harder”. So, if you’re like the MayeCreate team or my dad, you know how important it is to utilize the most effective processes. Timesheet Mobile is a service that might be worth looking into for your construction company, so you can focus more attention on what you do best: building and providing construction solutions.

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