Disclaimer: You might find the commercial construction websites featured on this list have a bit of a dated look. While these sites shared some really important design elements and features back in the day, you can find more modern designs on our more recent commercial construction website review.

The construction websites featured here share distinctive design elements and functionalities that make them great. Modern designs and mobile friendliness help generate these commercial construction company websites to stand out.

1. Killian Construction Co.

Commercial construction company servicing the Springfield area.

As a recognized Engineering New Record (ENR) Top 400 firm, Killian Construction Co. is committed to building quality projects while sustaining lifelong partnerships. Killian builds and has built hospitals, hotels, educational facilities, residences, entertainment and sports venues. Their satisfactory construction results from experienced, trained and credentialed practitioners and experts in many career fields, trades and communities of practice.

Large, clear photos, fun animation and a responsive design make a friendly site, inviting visitors in.

What makes this commercial construction company website stand out:

  • Transitioning animation can be found on the homepage slideshow, adding a flare of design that will draw visitors into the website.
  • The site houses an extended photo gallery portfolio that features the project overview information when you hover over the images. The portfolio can be filtered according to the type of service. Furthermore, every project has it’s own page outlining the location, owner, awards and description, with detailed numbers.
  • A long scrolling, modern style homepage introduces Killian Construction thoroughly by dividing into sections with varying content and background images.
  • Testimonials are displayed in the About section showing off their satisfied customers. Each testimonial includes a photo of the person and their title, giving a more credible reference.
  • Large, clean photographs are visually appealing on every page of the website. Sharp, original photography adds to the overall look and design. Either get your money’s worth with a professional or simply do it yourself.  
  • The Careers page entices potential employees by providing information from employee benefits to current openings.

2. Pate-Jones Construction

Commercial construction company established in 1994.

Pate-Jones Construction is Columbia, Missouri’s custom home builder. Featuring new construction and remodels throughout Columbia and Boone County, for the past 20 years their goal has remained the same – they endeavor to build you the ideal plan, in the ideal neighborhood and at the ideal price.

Testimonials and competitive advantages state why Pate-Jones is the best.

What makes this commercial construction company website stand out:

  • Animated transitions ease visitors into each part of the site, from tinted overlays to sliding images.
  • Pops of color bring life to the overall neutral color scheme. The plain grey of the site offsets the navy and shades of blue used for the titles and buttons throughout.
  • A for sale page lists the current homes on the market. Each home for sale is accompanied with photos, details and a short description. Pate-Jones also allows visitors to inquire about each home on the home details page with an email form.
  • Competitive advantages are showcased on the custom homes page showing visitors why Pate-Jones is the best commercial construction company.
  • Testimonials are shared on many pages throughout the site to boost viewer confidence.
  • The running sidebar on every page offers quick links and helpful items, such as reviews, navigation and recent blog posts.
  • The home remodeling and gallery pages display pictures of completed projects, aiding potential customers to picture similar restorations in their own home.

3. McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

Commercial construction company founded 150 years ago.

Established in 1864, McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. has a long history of building facilities that drive greater value. From exceptional levels of quality and safety — to ease of maintenance over time, they are firmly committed to helping their clients and partners achieve the short- and long-term strategic goals of every project they do.

Bright colors are contrasted with large black and white photos to create a warming feel to the site.

What makes this commercial construction company website stand out:

  • Large stylized images incorporated throughout draw focus towards the employees of the company, which give a friendly invite to visitors. In addition, staff photos show McCarthy cares about people.
  • Top notch projects section including projects map, single pages detailing each project with photos and links to more projects in the same category.  All projects are sort-able in various ways. Individual project pages include staff hours invested and a company representative to contact with project questions.
  • A neutral color palette is used with small pops of red to bring out the company’s brand, leaving an imprint on potential customers.
  • Client experience gives a step by step process of what to expect from the design phase, during construction and after completion of the project. Furthermore, information on the technology McCarthy uses, as well as safety precautions and quality work are listed.
  • Drop down menus and sidebar navigation provide two ways to navigate, making it easy to explore the site and difficult to get lost.
  • Subtle animations attract the eye of visitors to that specific element on the page, calling attention to the next section of viewing.
  • Insights provide the latest information at the company, from a twitter feed to press releases and upcoming events.

Website Wish List:

The content is difficult to read against the bright red background with text too small and too thin. The legibility of the text could be improved by choosing a thicker, bolder font and enlarging the font size 15 to 25 percent.

4. AT Homes Builder

Framing construction turned to commercial construction.

AT Homes founder, Alex Tsymbal, was raised on the belief that whatever you do, you need to do it right. You can see and feel this value in each step of their home building process. Every home they build, even after they pass along the keys and move the family in, is their home. Even after the warranty is up, AT Homes still takes pride in their workmanship and take care of their people.

Animated arrows, portfolio photos and a clean design modernize this compact site.

What makes this construction website stand out:

  • An interactive Process page not only provides potential customers with a step by step process, but the animation from the yellow arrows add a modern touch of design.
  • Testimonials are seen on every page, showcasing their accomplishments. People want to know the reviews of past customers to determine the quality of the company.
  • On the Photos page, completed houses are on display to prove AT Homes capabilities. Each home has its own page where more photos can be found, detailing the work accomplished.
  • This site possesses a clean design, making it more attractive. Adequate white space allows the website to breathe; an open feeling website pulls visitors in.
  • Staff members are featured on the About page. Potential customers are offered the chance to meet the founders of AT Homes before even coming into the office.

5. S. M. Wilson & Co.

S.M. Wilson has built their reputation as a commercial construction company.

Since their beginning, S.M. Wilson has built their business on honesty and integrity. Their open and honest communication has allowed them to build great relationships with their clients, partners and subcontractors. Today, 75% of S. M. Wilson’s business comes from repeat clients.

A crystal clear design with tons of white space and an interactive team gallery make this site flashy.

What makes this construction website stand out:

  • Crisp photographs of real people add a warming touch to every page. The site is brightened immensely with such high quality photographs and the team members featured them only invite people in more.
  • We can never get enough white space! It is sometimes called negative space, but there is nothing negative about this construction company’s white space. Only positive vibes shine through here!
  • An organized and filterable team page is available for navigating. Family is obviously important for S.M. Wilson‘s team, or they would not have put so much effort into their team page.
  • PDF and print icons can be found on the service pages. This is a neat feature for visitors to be able to use and it only increases S.M. Wilson’s chance of obtaining new customers.
  • Different sections of services can be viewed directly on the overall service page itself, instead of clicking on the navigation bar and directing you somewhere else. An example of this can be seen on the what we build page.

Website Wish List:

The contact us page has an alarmingly bright lime green tint over a picture and underneath a fill out form. To some viewers, it may be distracting and negatively stimulating. We suggest ridding the contact page of it and leaving the picture not tinted.

What to Take Away

A responsive and contemporary web design can guarantee you visitors. However, it takes more than just these two characteristics to make the list for best commercial construction company website designs. Using quality images, an effective and easy-to-use projects section and thoughtfully laid-out service pages can take your website so much further.

Does your construction website need to be updated? Check back with us to read what must haves your commercial construction company website needs and which trends seem to be the most popular.

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