Why Use Online MarketingIf you’re interested in growing your business, then the answer is YES. Regardless of the size or current success of your company, online marketing has plenty of fruitful options to improve your marketing results.

With online marketing, the world is at your fingertips…No, not literally, because I’m fairly certain that’s not possible. But your access to the world is at your fingertips through a little thing we call the Internet. And with such an easily accessible tool, it’s no wonder companies of all types and sizes are conforming to the online age and harnessing its power to grow.

Use Online Marketing to Keep Up with Your CompetitorsOkay…so why do I need to use online marketing?

Keep up with your competitors.

If they’re doing it, you should be too.

According to Hubspot’s State of Inbound Marketing 2016 Report, 73% of businesses are using inbound marketing. As technology advances, this number will only go up, so we recommend staying current with these marketing trends to stay in the game.

Increase brand awareness and credibility in your industry.

Consumers generally buy from companies they’re familiar with and can trust. Using online marketing can Canva.com in the minds of your prospects while also providing avenues for delivering relevant and valuable content to them, allowing you to nurture, educate and delight prospects throughout the buying cycle.

Target specific markets and reach wider audiences.

The Internet is becoming more and more easily accessible throughout the world, and while you can still reach broad audiences through TV, radio and print ads, you have limited control over how much they cost or who they reach and when.

Online marketing allows you the flexibility to create variations of your marketing message that are tailored to specific audiences, and you can choose who gets to see your content and when, which is extremely cost effective.

Increase traffic to and conversions from your website.

When you place online ads, optimize your website for search engines, or write blog posts and share them on social media, you’re directing traffic to your website. The more traffic to your website, the more leads you get, the more leads you get, the more conversions you get. See a pattern?

Keep in mind that results are best if your website is optimized for ease of use and provides valuable content. This will improve your bounce rate and keep viewers engaged while on your site.

Make the most of your marketing dollars.

Two words: Cost effectiveness.

Aside from having the aforementioned flexibility of choosing what you spend and how you spend it, online marketing provides little-to-no-cost platforms for promoting your company. For example, creating a business page on Facebook is absolutely free. Posting to it is also free. Blogging, email marketing, post-boosting on Facebook–all are relatively low-cost methods.

Track your marketing results.

Again, TV, radio and print ads still have their place in the land of marketing, but how do you know which work best. While some tracking may be possible with TV and radio, tracking for online marketing provides an intricately detailed look at your website traffic and visitor behaviors, number of clicks and cost-per-click information for your ad campaigns, and so much more.

With data like that, you can be in full control of your marketing and make educated adjustments to improve your results.

Set Online Marketing GoalsHarness the Power of Online Marketing for Your Business

Once you and your team examine your current marketing practices and uncover your pains, you can work to determine your priorities and get a new marketing plan in place that will get you the results you crave.

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